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Top Dating Advice for the Married Couple

Top Dating Advice for the Married Couple

When you get married, dating advice seems to lessen as there is a presumption that as you are already married you know what to do to maintain the relationship you already have.  But contrary to what most believe, the married couples should be given more tips to strengthen the husband and wife relationship. More often than not, couples tend to neglect each other once married as they feel that the spouse will always be there and there will be time available later to catch up on each other’s life when life is not so demanding of their energy.  And as life is so demanding such free time does not happen.  So what then must the couple do?  Read on to know the dating advice for married couples’ edition:
The best thing is to make time for that once a week date that you use to have.  Agree upon a day of the week that will just be husband and wife time, no kids allowed please.  Yeah you love your kids so much but you have to love your spouse more.  He or she is the reason you have children in the first place so set a certain day in each week or better yet assign a specific day of the week as date night for just the two of you.
Being married is also a great adventure for both husband and wife.  It is not just the husband that surprises the wife, wives can be spontaneous and creative as they can be.  This adds spice to the relationship and makes each other feel the love from the other.  Do something that the other does not expect you to do, like breakfast in bed, have lunch together in between work, leave a love note in his bag or send flowers to her in an ordinary day.  Those love tips that people tell you to do apply to all kinds of relationships especially to the married ones.
Talk About Each Other
When you are already married, you somehow forget about the other person’s growth.  The attention is usually on the children, the house and the work.  The most important foundation of marriage is being set aside to attend to the needs now.  When you go out to have an exclusive date, make sure that you talk about each other only.  Like how each other is doing as a parent, as a spouse, as a partner in life.  Know each other’s dreams and plans as they may change from what you may have known before.  People change and your spouse changes too.  Grow old with your partner and not apart.  Don’t stop knowing each other through these dates so the relationship does not stray.  You don’t always have to agree but you know where you both are and where you are going.  How strong the relationship of the couple is drives the family as a whole.
It is found out that married couples who have less conflict are the ones whose relationship are straining.  So better reflect on how your marriage is going and take heed of these dating advice, you can even set a date tonight!

These are the things you need to know when you do online dating.  You might think that it is a harmless way to find your one true love but just with anything in this world nothing is perfect.  Knowing these online dating secrets allows you to be real in your expectations but still hoping for the best results.


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